About Us


Everyone is a valued citizen contributing to their community.


Futuristic Industries Inc. provides opportunities for people with disabilities to participate fully as citizens of the community.


Futuristic Industries Inc. provides vocational training, residential support, recreational opportunities, employment support, individuals programs, service and community involvement. Futuristic Industries offers a variety of activities and tasks that focuses on enhancing abilities and creating new skills.

Statement of Purpose

Futuristic Industries Inc. is based on the belief that every person, no matter ability, shall have the right to live their life as every other citizen, including opportunities for development in areas such as social, vocational, residential, spiritual and recreational within their communities.
1. Respect for the inherent dignity, autonomy, including the freedom to make one's one decisions
2. Non-discrimination
3. Full and effective participation and inclusion in society
4. Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity
5. Equality of opportunity
6. Accessibility
7. Respect for evolving capacities of adults with disabilities and for the right of adults with disabilities to preserve their identities

OUR Philosophy

Futuristic Industries Inc. operates under the core philosophy of DO LOVE FIRST. This value system recognizes that all people live their best lives when they are involved in healthy, meaningful relationships. The 10 central attributes of DO LOVE FIRST are:

1. Be Patient

2. Be Kind

3. Be Gentle 

4. Be Empathetic

5. Express and Focus on the Positive

6. Be Content

7. Use Self-control

8. Be Self-sacrificing

9. Assume the best

10. Do not be easily offended